Health Kick

The image on this post is that of the bathing suit I purchased for an upcoming vacation to Myrtle Beach.


Nice, right? You can’t really see the full ordeal while it’s off a model, but it has cut outs on the sides and a low cut for cleavage (a little on the friskier side for my 34D size). It is also somewhat cheeky.

I have decided to dedicate myself to a healthier diet and exercise schedule as a way to prepare for said beach vacation. March forecasts may not predict sweltering temperatures that scream beach days, but I will be getting into that bathing suit either way. I don’t care if it’s raining all week. I don’t care if it’s snowing. Come hell or highwater, I will wear the friggen thing under my clothes.

My goal is not just to squeeze myself into that newly purchased one-piece; I want to feel confident while wearing it.

I want that “Ooo” moment in the mirror when I can bend frontwards and back, contort my arms and legs like they do in the ads, and feel satisfied by what I see.

So I will be making an effort to follow through with my goals. I will eat healthier, drink healthier. I will set aside the time for cardio everyday. I will do my best to familiarize myself with those machines at the gym that I normally do not approach. I will stray away from my belly-bunching habits and try to make better day-to-day decisions.

  1. Commit to at least twenty five minutes of cardio exercise everyday. Couple that cardio with supplemental work on my arms, legs, or core.
  2. Cut out soda and beer.
  3. Limit myself to one cup of coffee a day, and in that coffee only skim milk or unsweetened almond milk. This goal does not have to do with my weight loss goal as much as it does with my overall health. As of now, I drink too much coffee per day: three cups on average. People roll their eyes at lectures on their caffeine intake, but as stylish as coffee has become, it’s still a drug. It’s addictive. Also, it stains teeth.
  4. Two green veggies with every meal. I have started packing salads to go with my lean cuisines (small amount of balsamic vinaigrette). And not the cheating iceberg romaine mix – I’m talking spinach, frisée , and radicchio. I am not huge on breakfast so I tend to go light with a piece of fruit and greek yogurt, so this goal really applies to my lunch and dinner.
  5. Cut down on dairy and carb intake. This goal made Valentine’s Day a bitch because I had to turn down one cupcake, access to a shared box of Dunkins munchkins, and a box of chocolate. I guess that’s just one day of accomplishments to go into the books. To be more specific on the carbs, the only foods I will be touching are whole wheat.
  6. Drink more water. I keep a water bottle sitting on my desk at work, which works in my favor because I now associate water with a two-minute break time away from my desk. I like break time. Also, this means more bathroom breaks. And frankly I love bathroom breaks; I get to avoid talking to people while still getting away from my computer screen.
  7. Stick to lean meats. This will not be so difficult for me, because I am not so ambitious to try to cook a steak without my Mom’s supervision. Protein will be important to build lean muscle from my workouts. Chicken and fish will be my go-to’s for dinner.
  8. Cut out junk food. I don’t feel that I need to explain myself on this one.
  9. Limit eat out meals. If I can’t see what they’re putting into my meals, there’s no guaranty it is as healthy as they say. I watch what goes into the foods I cook for myself and I feel more value towards the dinners that require effort.
  10. Limit processed foods. I have started establishing “avoid aisles” in the supermarkets where I outright just do not walk through. The produce section and the poultry department are my main sources for snacks, dinners, and part of my lunch. Hand selecting my meat rather than buying prepackaged has worked better for me, given I only have one mouth to feed. I find that my meat is fresh and just the right size. The only real processed food I am sticking with are my lean cuisines for lunch. And when I chose those I am very selective based on two key factors: sodium and sugar. Each meal must have under nine grams of sugar and less than 525mg of sodium (those frozen meals can be very sneaky if you’re not careful).

So for the next few weeks this blog will have a lot of focus on my progress health wise. There will not be as many stories and works of short fiction as there will be photos of my dinners and me complaining on the woes of going for a run with weak knees.


Featured photo taken from the Aerie website:



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